Take One

Our BA (Hons) Film students can take advantage of our partnership with Take One, the official publication of Cambridge Film Festival, to write film reviews for UK film festivals – with some even selected to cover Cannes and Edinburgh.

Students Tamika and Josh describe the work they undertook and how it helped prepare them for working in the film industry.

A sequence of images showing students working for the Take One publication at Cambridge Film Festival


"I was invited and funded by the ARU Film Studies course to be a member of the press at the 2019 Edinburgh International Film Festival. As a member of Take One I got to watch over thirty films, usually three to five in a day, six at a push. I then wrote reviews in a professional format on the Take One website.

"As both a writer and a film studies student it was an awesome experience to see all different types of film, from small indie movies, to avant-garde, to big mainstream movies like Yesterday. As well as this I got to network and socialise with other members of the press, and get their unique and professional opinions on the films.

"Additionally my fellow Take One reviewers were fascinating to talk to as they offered interesting viewpoints and alternative perspectives built on their own experiences. They were from all over the country, and some wrote for different magazines as well as Take One, so they gave me insight into the industry beyond what I already knew.

"I also got the chance to talk to producers, actors, directors and writers about their work. They were all very open and were even interested in talking to me about my work. I even had the chance to swap emails and trade ideas with them, which could possibly lead to future ventures.

"The highlight of the festival was recording the podcast, which was a new and exciting project and something I had never done before.

This was definitely the highlight of my time at Anglia Ruskin, and a chance I would strongly suggest others take as it really opens your eyes to the possibilities and creativity in the film industry.


“My role, along with fellow students and writers at Take One, was to write four or more reviews on a variety of films shown at Cambridge Film Festival.

“We were given press passes and allowed to view some films that we picked ourselves and some that were allocated to us. During the festival, I was able to chat with the director of one of the documentaries I watched, but there were many other opportunities to get involved in like hosting Q&As, interviewing directors and taking editorial ownership of the daily, a printed article that included interviews, previews and reviews.

Take One was a safe platform to gain experience and the team were always willing to help and answer any questions we had. I thoroughly enjoyed my time writing for Take One as I got to watch incredible documentaries, shorts and feature films. I hope to be involved in other film festivals in the future and continue to gain experience film reviewing.

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