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Fredrik makes waves as our Artist in Residence

Published: 25 May 2016 at 10:44

Fredrik Olofsson projecting a green spiral onto a screen during a concert

Residency includes special appearance at Hoadley, Hall and Brown concert

Over the course of Semester 2 2015-6, music producer Fredrik Olofsson spent two weeks as Artist in Residence in our Department of Music and Performing Arts.

During his time with us, Fredrik resided full-time in  the  Digital  Performance  Laboratory, where he held an ‘open door’ policy for staff and students, offering alternative  perspectives on a number of their projects and providing consultations.

As part of a student engagement plan, he also dropped in on a number of Creative Music Technology classes, and displayed examples of multimedia work from his Swedish Sound Art DVD series. He also prepared and presented a well-­attended student Network Jamming workshop, allowing students to trigger sounds on each other's computers in MAX over a network connection. This two-hour workshop was very well received by the attendees.

Perhaps the highlight of Fredrik's time with us was his performance in a Hoadley, Hall & Brown concert (pictured). Using a custom built, retro-styled DIY wireless instrument, he controlled complex clouds of synthesised sound and projected sonic visualisations. A number of Creative Music Technology students from the Network  Jamming workshop also took part in Tom Hall’s piece in the concert, using some of the techniques covered in the workshop.

Of his time as Artist in Residence, Fredrik said:

“I had a great time working in the Lab. I was able to complete a couple of my own smaller projects as well as help write code for students and staff. I met interesting people and discussed networked music, EEG, music therapy, Raspberry Pi, synthesised sounds, coffee, live coding, Bluetooth and more.”

This was a very successful residency, of great benefit to our students, staff and Fredrik himself, and one that created a buzz around Music Technology in our department for the duration of his time with us.