Art for Change through Engagement (ACE)

The words 'The Welcome Project' embroidered onto a piece of cloth

ACE is a collaboration between ARU's Cambridge School of Art and the Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science - Metabolic Research Laboratories (IMS-MRL) at Cambridge University.

The Welcome Project

The Welcome Project, led by PhD students Amanda Lavis (ARU) and Danielle Jones (University of Cambridge), aimed to help all people, but especially Black and minority ethnic women, who have a high risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy, feel welcomed and informed by the Diabetes in Pregnancy clinic at the Rosie Hospital, Cambridge.

They achieved this by working with members of a Public and Patient Involvement Panel to design and create a textile illustration using old, used or worn cloth from communities accessing the service. The artwork also includes stitched elements created by the women involved.

The artwork aims to promote inclusivity of an underrepresented group, recognising the value of being able to see oneself represented in a broad cultural space. Using illustration as a universal visual language, the project intends to work towards improved outcomes and wellbeing for those accessing the clinic.