When a Wall Gets an Autobiography... / Enigma Wall Installation / Marilyn's Wedding

Researcher: Jane Boyer

When a Wall Gets An Autobiography

In this project, Jane fabricated an autobiography of a wall by tracing events and interactions through the collection of ephemera from the wall, making ‘memories’ for it. This project was an exercise in understanding the elements that make up autobiography and how the simulacrum registered in and affected this process of developing an autobiography.

The images below show several of the project concerns relating to the simulacrum:

  1. The passage of time and the visual displacements as time progresses
  2. Using paint as a recording material rather than as an expressive medium
  3. The repetition of images as pattern, and how meaning shifted as a result
  4. The articulation of actual space to communicate the psychological
  5. Physical trace to represent presence

Enigma Wall Installation

Enigma Wall Installation presented the hyper-replication of an original painting realised as wallpaper, which also showed the time progression of Jane's thought process as she designed the wallpaper patterns.

Marilyn's Wedding

Marilyn’s Wedding is a group of actual autobiographical work based on a single image of Jane at age three. After fabricating the autobiography in 'When a wall gets an autobiography…' it was necessary for her to test the differences in the simulacrum for an actual biography.