Theorem and Theory:Practice

Theorem was the first group exhibition of PhD practice-based research in the Cambridge School of Art, while Theory:Practice was a research symposium that ran alongside it.

Theorem provided CSA doctoral researchers the opportunity to present their visual research outcomes within an exhibition format.

Some of the research presented included an investigation into how global brands adapt their logo marks from Latin to non-Latin scripts; how multiple cultures respond to interactive artworks involving hi-tech and low-tech outcomes; consideration of the colonial present in relation to Iraq and how this is processed culturally; the meaning of concrete poetry in the field of digital poetry, and a consideration of the authorial voice of the [Con] Artist as an agent of influence, persuasion and deliberate fictions.

Theory:Practice provided a platform to discuss the research and consider the very tangible realities of practice-led research. We explored how theory relates to practice, how practice forms theory, and how together they form a symbiosis of thinking and doing through research.

Keynote speakers Katy MacLeod (Reader of Fine Art, Kingston University London) and Professor Mark Durden (University of South Wales) discussed the investigative issues and challenges involved in practice-based research, and how the links between theory and practice work.