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Decommissioning the VLE

Published: 18 June 2020 at 12:11

Canvas has been in use for over three years at ARU so IT Services are decommissioning the old VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). This is necessary for security reasons, to free up servers and to ensure that we are using the latest technologies available to us across ARU.

A phased approach will begin in August and end with its archiving and retirement in December 2020. This decision was approved by the LMS Steering Group in April 2020. 

Students should no longer be using this platform as staff should not be using it for teaching purposes. Several staff sites are still being used for non-teaching purposes and alternative solutions are being discussed with their owners.  

Between now and Monday 20 July 2020, we will begin to move away from using the VLE. 

What does it mean for you? If you are still using the VLE you must ensure that you move your files onto a different platform or location. As all colleagues have access to Office 365, anything useful can be saved on your OneDrive or MS Teams/Sharepoint.

Please start taking any necessary measures to cease using the VLE by Monday 20 July 2020. 

Please seek support from your learning technologist, if available. To request the creation of a MS Teams site to collaborate with your team, please log a ticket in the IT Helpdesk.

Summary timeline for decommissioning the VLE 

Phase 1
May - August 2020 
From August 2020, all VLE content will be hidden from NON-ARU users (e.g.  partner institutions and external examiners) but still available to ARU staff and students. 

Phase 2
September - October 2020
ARU users will no longer have access to the VLE apart from designated Learning Technologists and IT Service members. If staff members need to request temporary access to retrieve information, they can contact their learning technologist or go through the IT Helpdesk.   

Phase 3
November - December 2020
The VLE will be turned off and archived by the end of 2020. Only designated IT staff will have access to retrieve information, requested through the Academic Registry. Each year, material older than six years will be deleted as per data compliance regulations.  

For general queries, please contact the LMS product manager: [email protected]