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Ruskin modules Town Halls for staff

Published: 11 March 2021 at 10:30

Two online Town Halls for academic staff to ask questions about the forthcoming Ruskin modules have been scheduled on 18 March and 19 March.

Questions can be submitted in advance to Anglia Learning and Teaching’s Communications Officer Nicola Collenette for Institutional Lead for Ruskin Modules Elaine Brown and Academic Registrar Paul Baxter, who will be running both sessions. 

Elaine explains: “From 12 April 2021, up to 25 Ruskin modules will be approved from which our first-year students can choose. Each Ruskin module is titled with a question that reflects the wicked challenge on which students will be focused. 

"Wicked problems, such as sustainability and social justice, are complex and interrelated with no single, right answer. Students from different courses will work together to tackle such wicked problems and explore interrelationships with other disciplines to foster a flexible mindset and develop the sorts of problem-solving skills needed to thrive in a future of change and uncertainty. 

“We are running separate Town Halls for staff and students to prepare everyone for trimester one, when Level 5 students will be taking their Ruskin module."  

Join the Town Halls using the links provided on the Heron. They are taking place on 18 March, from 10:30-10:55, and 19 March, from 11:30-11:55.

The following Ruskin modules have been approved for 2021/22 (launching September 2021):  

AI and the Future: a threat to humanity?  
Can a Small Island Community show us how to avoid extinction?  
Climate Justice and Social Inequality: Could you be an agent for change?  
How can we lead better technological lives?  
How to deal with cancel culture in the world of work and remain true to yourself  
How would you respond in a crisis situation?  
Is there such a thing as a happy meal?  
Performing Activism, How can we use our bodies for resistance?  
To be or not to be enterprising?  
What does social justice in the twenty first century mean?  
Where do you belong in this city?  
Who, me? Make a difference in my community?  
Work: What is it good for?  
Why does digital accessibility matter?  

The skills needed to thrive in the ‘jobs of tomorrow’ are listed in the World Economic Forum’s updated Top 10 Skills 2025. Skills such as problem solving through creativity, innovation, having initiative; self-management, through active learning, resilience, flexibility; working with people with diverse perspectives and technology use and development are those human skills that systems such as Artificial Intelligence cannot yet achieve. 

Adding to the knowledge and skills developed through their course, Ruskin modules are designed to enable students to see opportunities from multiple perspective and stand out at interviews. The Students’ Union have been involved from the start and continue to be excited about Ruskin modules. Very positive feedback has also been received from applicants experiencing pocket-sized Ruskin module activities at the recent Applicant Day.  

*Where courses are accredited by a Professional Statutory Regulatory Body (PSRB) such as the GOC, GMC, HCPC, NMC or SWE, students have been asked to contact their Course Leaders for advice.