New workshop: getting to grips with the module leader role

Published: 25 September 2019 at 16:38

Following the success of our course leadership workshops we are pleased to offer a new workshop on Module Leadership providing an opportunity for colleagues to explore the role and improve their understanding of the module leader’s (ML) responsibilities.

The two-hour interactive workshop, led by Dr Julian Priddle and Dr Linda Brown, is for colleagues interested in, new to or well established in the role. It will provide the space and time to discuss the components of module leadership as well as to share experiences and find out about support and resources available to them. 

We’ll examine the role in the current context of teaching and learning at ARU including recent developments in the Active Curriculum Framework and curriculum re-design.

The role of module leaders varies by school and faculty but most are responsible for monitoring, evaluating and reviewing activity, responding to student feedback and external examiner input, and collaborating with key partners. The role can offer colleagues the opportunity to gain leadership experience and progression in their career.

The Module Leadership workshop will run on Tuesday 1 October in Chelmsford and 2 October in Cambridge from 13.00–15.00. Book your place online.