Gearing up for Live Briefs

Published: 30 March 2020 at 16:22

From September 2020, all courses will include Live Briefs for Level 4 students. To help colleagues gear up for their integration, we’re hosting a webinar to introduce you to Live Briefs on Tuesday 31 March, at 1pm.

Our Academic Leads for Employability will discuss how Live Briefs work within the context of a module, and how module and course leaders are being supported to identify external partners for students to work with.

This webinar is an opportunity to hear about the benefits of Live Briefs to students and academics, discuss current and potential examples of business challenges as assignments, and raise any questions specific to your course.

“With Live Briefs we’re seeing a shift towards more authentic learning and assessment to better stimulate and engage our students. Through working on a real-life challenge presented by a local business, organisation or entrepreneur, students can use and develop their course knowledge and research to present creative and innovative solutions that are relevant to their subject area, sector or profession.” says Andrew Middleton, Deputy Head of Anglia Learning & Teaching.

“Live Briefs are an opportunity for our students to enhance their graduate capitals; to work at a professional level and to think differently about themselves and ways of working.”

Join Andrew Middleton (AL&T) and the Academic Leads for Employability,  Marina Boz (B&L), Cyndy Hawkins (AHSS, Beatriz Acevedo (AHSS), Liam Kite (S&E), Jo Outteridge (HEMS), Adrian Scruton (S&E), and Jill Andreanoff who is project managing the Live Briefs project with other colleagues from across all faculties for this insightful webinar on Tuesday 31 March at 1pm.

To book your place email [email protected]

Hear Andrew Middleton present on Live Briefs at TeachMeet 2020.

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