We are delighted to introduce our sponsors for the Sustainable Health Symposium 2017.

Cambridge Institute of Public Health

Cambridge Institute of Public Health generates evidence and knowledge to improve global public health, using their research, teaching and analysis to promote well-being, prevent disease and reduce health inequalities.

The Institute, originally set up in 1993, is a vibrant, multidisciplinary partnership of academics and public health professionals, based at the University of Cambridge.

  • They carry out research in public health and population sciences
  • They educate scientists, clinicians and public health professionals
  • They analyse and interpret population health evidence and data

They also host the PublicHealth@Cambridge Research Network, established in 2012, which provides active links with all six schools at the University of Cambridge (www.publichealth.cam.ac.uk).

Cambridge Medical Robotics


Cambridge Medical Robotics is the UK’s leading surgical robotics company. Our ambition is to extend the benefits of laparoscopic surgery to millions more people every year.

Their next-generation robotic system, Versius, has been designed to significantly increase the volume and range of supported procedures, making the benefits of robotic minimal access surgery universally accessible and affordable.

Cambridge Philosophical Society

Cambridge Philosophical Society logo

The Society was established on 15 November 1819 with the aim, in the words of that time ‘of promoting scientific inquiry, and of facilitating the communication of facts connected with the advancement of Philosophy and Natural History’.

In modern terminology the aims of the Society are to promote research in all branches of science and to encourage the communication of the results of scientific research. The Society became a Body Corporate by virtue of a Charter granted by his late Majesty King William the Fourth and dated 6 August 1832.

Sustainable Healthcare Coalition

Sustainable Healthcare Coalition logo

The Sustainable Healthcare Coalition is a healthcare sector-led group that looks for the greatest opportunities to inspire sustainable practices in healthcare through the collaboration of its members.

Focusing on key obstacles and opportunities, the partnership shares data and insights, and develops best-practice guidance for use in healthcare systems and their supply chain partners. The partnership learns through evaluation and promotes stories of impact, designed to inform and inspire global health systems to make the transition to sustainability.

MiraGlo Foundation

MiraGlo's vision is that health care and communities will be transformed nationally and internationally through research, education and service.

New models of holistic patient centred care that embrace the wisdom of all global healing traditions will be designed, researched and implemented.

Their goal is to promote love, dignity and healing to those in need and the undeserved around the world.

Sustainable Health Solutions

Sustainable Health Solutions represents a group of sustainable health experts who are working internationally to support the transformation of health sectors towards more environmentally and socially sustainable approaches including bespoke support for strategy development and programme implementation at hospital, system or country level. For further information please contact: [email protected]

Wellcome Trust-Cambridge Centre for Global Health Research

Wellcome trust logo

The Wellcome Trust-Cambridge Centre for Global Health Research promotes research excellence to meet global health challenges, by supporting researchers and research institutions in low and middle income countries, through equitable collaborations and partnerships.

Their activities include:

  • High quality research
  • Equitable partnerships
  • Mentoring and support
  • Health promotion and advocacy sustained by research