Services to help your business prosper

ARU offers a range of business support services to help you and your organisation prosper. From consultancy and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships to professional development and funding opportunities, we’re here to help you access the best in graduate talent, academic expertise and research.

  • Specialist knowledge and expertise
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Employing students and graduates
  • Funding opportunities for business
  • Networks and events
  • Conference and meeting room hire

Develop your people

Here at ARU we provide a range of professional development and training opportunities including short courses, professional doctorates and sponsored PhDs. 

Degree apprenticeships are transforming how employers access skills to perform and compete. They are designed to help you attract new talent to your business, as well as to develop knowledge and skills for your existing staff. Through our dedicated Degrees at Work team we’ll provide you with expert advice on how to use degree apprenticeships to your best advantage. We’ll guide you at every stage of the process of setting up and implementing your apprenticeship programme. 

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Access student and graduate talent

There are many opportunities for you to work with our pool of talented students and graduates.  

You can acquire new talent through our on-site recruitment service, gaining access to over 30,000 students and graduates - either as part of our internship scheme or as a more permanent solution. Some of our undergraduate students are looking for one year industry placements as part of their study. As an employer, you'll have the chance to offer our students something, too: invaluable experience, knowledge and contacts in an industry relevant to their course. Placements occur between years 2 and 3 of a student’s degree course and typically last around ten to 12 months.

We also welcome organisations to get in touch with us, keen to offer mentoring support or submit ides for live projects which our students can work on during the academic year.

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