Arise-led Undergraduate Research Internships academic year 23/24

In 2023 Arise Innovation Hubs were delighted to support a research intern to work with Adiuvo Engineering and Training in Harlow and for summer 2024 we would like to extend this offer to up three placements.


We are looking for businesses who would be interested in hosting a research intern with them for up to 6 weeks to work on a specific project or task.  This is made possible through the research and innovation fund (RIF) from Anglia Ruskin University.


These types of placements may look to support prototype development, develop specific code or apps, support business administration for a new product or work on market and communications for a specific launch/project.  A criterion of the scheme is that all internships offered must be primarily for the development or benefit of the student recruited to them.  All placements will have a designated member of ARU or Arise staff acting as a university supervisor.  Students will generally recruit from final year undergraduate to taught master’s programmes.


If you are considering graduate recruitment this is an excellent opportunity to work with potential candidates.  This scheme is not run through the recruitment agency – ARU Temps – and therefore no fees are incurred, in the event the student is recruited to your business.


The internship can be fully, or part funded using the research internship programme.  The Arise and ARU teams will support you with the recruitment and administration of the scheme.


If you are interested in hosting a student or have a specific project idea, please drop Beverley Vaughan and email on [email protected] to discuss suitability.  We will be looking to formalise project briefs by January 2024 to allow successful placement in early summer of 2024.


Notes on process


Arise and/or its business occupants and associates may also augment the central RIF allocation with its own funds including to support incidental or other costs in connection with individual placements; no such costs will be met centrally.


While business occupants and associates are expected to set the nature of the internship project, they are reminded that all internships offered must be primarily for the development or benefit of the student recruited to them. It is anticipated that businesses participating in the scheme may wish students to sign an intellectual property agreement, depending on the nature of the proposed project.


Once we have confirmed our portfolio of businesses and opportunities the Research and Innovation Development Office will sign off the plan and recruitment will commence, no later than April 2024.


Once RIDO has approved the recruitment of a student, Arise will confirm the placement details with the Faculty whose staff are supervising the relevant Arise internship, and Financial Services. Faculties will arrange these students’ payments and claim for these funds as described above.