Arise Undergraduate Research and Innovation Internship Scheme 2024

Arise Innovation Hubs are looking for students who would be interested in an internship, working with a business for up to 6 weeks on a specific project or task.


Each year ARU allocates funds to support undergraduate research and innovation internships.  Designed to provide experience, knowledge, and skills to participants of projects, enabling knowledge exchange and generating impact. 


This funding includes Arise Innovation Hubs, where internships are offered in partnership with the businesses within their ecosystem.  Designed to allow you to undertake a bespoke research and innovation project, the internships are typically completed full time during your summer vacation.


You can see more information about Arise and their ecosystem at


Internships are open to full time students only.  The maximum support offered by the scheme is 30 working days. Students are eligible to receive a tax-free bursary under HMRC rules at a rate of rate of £12.00 per hour / £84.00 per day / up to a maximum of £2520 and up to a maximum of 30 days.  Project must be completed and claimed by 31 July 2024.  All payments will be made directly by your faculty.


All internships offered are primarily for the development or benefit of you, the student. It is anticipated that businesses participating in the scheme may wish students to sign an intellectual property agreement, depending on the nature of the proposed project.


We have a range of projects available with the following businesses:


Adiuvo Engineering located in Arise Harlow. This project will provide the student engineer with hands-on experience of developing FPGA solutions for space applications. It will provide experience / exposure to a professional engineering company and the development flows which are used in industry. Growing their capabilities and confidence in a skills which are very much in demand in the electronics industry at the moment.


Antobot located in Arise Chelmsford.  The project will provide the student with hands-on experience of autonomous robot operation, next generation pest and disease control methods in horticulture and the opportunity to have a real impact on making farming greener by creating tests and collecting and analysing data from the fields to improve effectiveness of the methods used. Additionally, mechanical and/or electrical engineering know-how can be applied to enhance existing solutions on the robots.


Japeto AI located in Arise Harlow. This project will provide the student with the ability to gain hands-on experience with developing a SaaS product. It will provide excellent exposure to a professional AI driven company working to solve cutting edge problems in how AI benefits the wider populations in their daily lives.  It will grow their capabilities and confidence in these skills, ultimately making them an ideal job candidate within the sector.


These businesses at Arise are looking for interns who can work and problem solve independently, who are trustworthy, and have excellent observational and communication skills.  All students will need an ARU named supervisor/staff member to support the project. 


We will then shortlist applicants with the businesses and invite you to interview at the most relevant Hub.


Start and end dates will be in agreement with the businesses along with working patterns, and internships will all be completed by 31st July 2024.


If this interests you, please contact [email protected], Director of Arise Innovation Hubs, including details of the internship you would like to work on, and a copy of your CV. 


All CVs must be received by 25th March 2024.