3D scanning company advance at the Arise

Arise Chelmsford, ARU's– Business Innovation Centre is home to over 30 businesses from start-ups to established SME’s. Advanced 3D Laser Solutions have been with us since August 2017.

Advanced 3D Laser Solutions (ALS) are specialists in the oil and gas industry using modern 3D scanning technology to map sites for analysis, modelling and documentation.

The team at ALS have over 30 years of engineering experience, providing engineering design, draughting and surveying services across a whole spectrum of process and manufacturing industries.advanced3dteamwithlogo

During 2012, the team started working with 3D laser scanning/point cloud related

 technologies to scan and map sites and as a result formed Advanced 3D Laser Solutions Ltd in 2014.

In the last 5 years ALS have fostered new relationships with both customers and suppliers, leading to growth in the company. Part of this growth included moving to a new Head Office at Arise Chelmsford – ARU’s Business Innovation Centre. This coincided with being awarded a global agreement with a major chemical storage company in providing 3D laser scanning and modelling services across their portfolio.

It is now widely accepted that ALS are a leading company in the 3D laser technology sector within the process industry. They have lead the way thanks to experience and understanding of the industry; its challenges and a commitment to research both new and improve existing software. Over the years the service offer has grown from 3D scanning and mapping, 3D modelling, tank analysis, to offering additional services such as web share view and 4D videos for training and marketing purposes.

Since 2014, they have 3D scanned over 1,920,000 sq.m covering 26 sites. They have worked with 30 individual companies and thanks to this demand, have recruiting five new employees in the last four years.

“Our vision is to continually invest in our people, innovation is key to our growth and the solutions we can offer our clients. We are not just building a business, we are building a brand that is recognised around the world for its quality, values and Integrity.” Colin Pittman – Commercial Director, Advanced 3D Laser Solutions

If you want to find out more about Advanced 3D Laser Solutions, please visit their website https://lasersurveying.com or you can contact Colin Pittman Commercial Director at [email protected]