IP and funding masterclasses create SME connections

Continuing the reflection on 2023, Arise Innovation Hubs partnered with Medilink Midlands and TBAT to bring support sessions for SMEs.

Partner logos of TBAT and Medilink Midlands

Arise has worked with Medilink Midlands and TBAT to host two webinars, Funding 101 and IP for Tech-Focused Start-Ups, aimed at entrepreneurs and tech-focused start-ups pursuing innovative projects for the Heath, Performance and Wellbeing sectors.


Funding 101, the first in the series, saw talks from TBAT’s Business Development Manager, Esther Lawrence, on Funding your Innovation. TBAT are an independent consultancy with over 20 years’ experience working with technology and research & development organisations all over the UK.  Esther gave the latest updates on grant funding, tax relief opportunities and legislation changes as well as explaining current funding opportunities available to UK businesses, and how to utilise all the schemes available.


The second webinar, IP for Tech-Focused Start-Ups, was geared towards early-stage businesses looking to understand how they can use intellectual property (IP) to meet business objectives and generate commercial opportunities.


The webinar covered a large area of Intellectual property, such as the current grant funding opportunities, how to apply for Funding, claiming R&D Tax Relief, and upcoming Legislation Changes.


Attendees heard from patent attorneys Cory Stobart and Jenny Vaughan from Adamson Jones, who used their deep understanding of IP within the med-tech and pharmaceutical fields to explain how to navigate the IP protection process to ensure return on investment. Topics included what intellectual property can do for business, where might IP lie, and budgeting, timeline and costs. The event also covered how to make the most of your patent attorney and what to expect.


Both webinars saw exceptional numbers of attendees, with the IP session almost sold out.


John Ashford, an attendee at the IP webinar, commented: “The event was a great success and extremely interesting. Knowing how IP works is vital for any business with a tangible product, and attending the webinar gave us the opportunity to understand and get to grips with what’s involved. Going forward from this, we know more about what to expect with the process and can have discussions with patent attorneys while making sure we have return on investment.”


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