Virtual occupants grow into physical office space across Arise

There has been a burst of business growth at The Arise Innovation Hubs over the last six months. Virtual businesses are growing into occupying their own office space.

Growth of virtual occupants


Three SMEs - Sweet Potato Tec, H&O Consulting and Team Gene are taking advantage of the benefits of their own space to continue to grow their businesses. All three started on their Arise journey as virtual occupants. With hard work and a little help from Arise, they are rapidly growing their business.


Karen at Team Gene says: “Arise have helped me to “step-up” into an office, allowing me to work in their coworking space. By moving into the building, I can already see how I can collaborate with a few of the existing tenants.”


Team Gene are a genetic interpretation company that supports athletes to optimise their health. Business owner Karen analyses gene-nutrient relationships that are needed to supply the body with the substrates needed to carry out exercise. It helps you to start eating smarter for your body’s demands.


She continues By moving out of home into a dedicated workspace, my commute (which is 10 minutes!) helps me prepare for the day and as a result my productivity has increased."


H&O have grown into their own coworking space too. H&O are a CIC registered building control approved inspector, who specialise in commercial projects and high-end residential schemes.


Rob, Director at H&O says:


The costs associated with renting an office outright is something still we are not ready to absorb at this stage as we grow. So the opportunity to occupy an office on a coworker basis made absolute sense as a stepping stone.


This has allowed me to connect with other Arise Occupants, have an option of a work/office base away from home working and to compartmentalise a work/life balance better.”


He goes on to say,


“The staff, facilities, office space and location are also ideal for SME starting out or as they expand. ”


Sweet Potato Tec began their Arise Journey with virtual occupancy as they needed a postal address and meeting room access for clients. They are passionate about connecting companies to their customers, their experienced and qualified Salesforce consultants can help tailor technology for business needs.

Swami, the founder of Sweet Potato Tec, moved the business into their own office space at the Arise Hub in Chelmsford.


He says:


“We embarked on the exciting journey of transitioning from a virtual office space to a physical location.


The Arise team members are an incredible source of support towards Sweet Potato Tec's purpose, offering valuable resources and connecting us with key individuals who have played a crucial role in propelling us to new heights.


The decision to explore options within the Arise Innovation Centre was a natural one, and we successfully made the move in October. This collaborative partnership has undoubtedly contributed to our growth and success.”


We have coworking suites in both our Chelmsford and Harlow Innovation Hubs. To learn what they have to offer, visit our coworking page and book a tour by contacting us.