Business and Innovation Support

We offer a range of business and innovation support services to help you and your organisation prosper. From tapping into consultancy and knowledge exchange programmes to accessing lab spaces and funding opportunities, we’re here to help connect you to our knowledge and research facilities.


Our Business Support team are business-friendly folk. Good at listening and understanding a client’s brief. They can help you:

  • implement innovative business ideas
  • access government funding support for new research and innovations
  • access our experts and specialist knowledge to implement new systems or technologies
  • obtain greater market intelligence and grow your business for today’s markets
  • enhance your organisation’s strategic planning and operational efficiency
  • get assistance with the development and design of new products
  • access talented students and graduates
  • develop your workforce via established training programmes
  • connect you to like-minded people


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Clinical Trials

At ARU we are proud to offer a clinical trials service. Our aim is to work with hospital trusts, healthcare providers, commissioners and commercial companies to increase opportunities for patients to take part in both investigator led and commercial trials.

We offer investigators (e.g. doctors, nurses and allied health professionals) the support to take their study from a basic idea and develop it into a well-designed study. We also work with businesses looking to test their products in a clinical environment. The support we offer ranges from providing advice on the regulatory environment in the UK, to helping to plan and run large-scale studies.



Funding Opportunities

We can help you access government-funded programmes that will help you develop new ideas, products and services. There are a number of funding programmes designed to support innovative SMEs:


Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) connect you to our academic expertise and enable you to recruit a graduate employee who will inject valuable knowledge into your business.



Knowledge Embed and Exchange Partnerships (KEEP+) also provides you with flexible opportunities for innovation with a focus on the development of new products and services.