How to donate to Turkey and Syria relief efforts

Our thoughts are with all our students, staff and their families affected by the devastation caused by the major earthquakes that hit south-eastern Turkey on 6 February.

Events of this nature are reminders of how many circumstances and situations affecting society are outside of our control, and they can often make us feel quite helpless. However, many relief funds have been organised and efforts are taking place to help those in need in Turkey and Syria, which anyone can support, if they wish.

Donations, fundraising and volunteering

Some of the organisations where you can donate to these relief efforts are listed below. Any help, no matter how big or small, will make a huge difference to those in need. These links also contain more information about other ways to provide help, such as by fundraising or volunteering.

Donating essential items 

Clothing and bedding donations are also welcome and are being sought by Turkish community groups around the UK. Items such as coats, blankets, winter clothing and shoes are required. This website details the businesses and community groups aiming to send support to Turkey – if you plan to donate, please find an organisation local to you and contact them directly to drop-off your contributions.

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