Coaching and Management

Two rows of students, mixed gender, facing each other with a tennis ball between them. Lecturer stood at far end.

The Coaching and Management research area aims to promote, help and contribute to the development of all areas in research related to the education, implementation, and evaluation of sport coaching and management.

Our team is made up of researchers from a broad range of academic and coaching backgrounds, all actively involved in coaching and managing sport, as well as doctoral researchers, Masters and undergraduate students with an interest in understanding and improving current coaching and management practices.

Primary areas of interest include coach learning and education, sport psychology, sport development and sport management. Our research uses a variety of methods with key expertise in qualitative research methods.

The team are currently working on the following projects:

  • StreetGames Evaluation: working with Cambridge City Council to evaluate the impact of the StreetGames initiative
  • Current PhD Project: 'Athlete education: a grounded theory approach'
  • Parkrun: 'Parkrun or running in the park? An interpretive study into participant, volunteer, and organiser perceptions of place meaning in small-scale sporting events'

We've identified several exciting postgraduate research projects which could be incorporated as part of a Masters or Doctoral programme.

The Coaching and Management research area is part of the Cambridge Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences research group.


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Dr Mathew Dowling
Katrina McDonald
Dr Anna Stodter
Dr Francesca Cavallerio
Dr Andrew Morrison
Michael Ferrandino

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