Multi-Functional SuperLabs

We have invested £3 million in our brand new SuperLab complex which offer a new method of performing practical sessions and experiments. With 83 student workstations and four lecturer workstations, the lecture and experiment become one. Four lecturers can broadcast simultaneously, demonstrations can be beamed direct to the student’s workstation and students have plenty of space to work on their own experiments. Using the latest scientific kits, students get to experience the dos and don’ts of a level two category laboratory and prepare for working life.


The SuperLab space also encompasses a physiological lab to run testing on fellow classmates and get excellent experience in a leading facility. As these labs facilitate Pharmaceutical Science, Medical Science, Medicine and other scientific based courses, you’ll get the chance to work alongside other disciplines and learn from award winning lecturers and professors.

"Our SuperLab is a perfect example of using advanced technology to create new opportunities for teaching and learning at all higher educational levels. It is not only a great experience to teach using this facilities, but also enjoyable for our students as their stations are equipped with AV systems beside laboratory kit and instruments. Furthermore, the unique design and structure of the lab permit teaching up to four groups at the same time, which helps facilitate our timetabling."

Dr Mohammad Najlah, Principal Lecturer of Pharmaceutics