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During the Symposium participants will take part in round-tables to discuss and explore key concepts and themes, run by our Symposium leaders.

These workshops will provide the opportunity for face to face discussion of new ideas and the co-creation of a new sustainable global health routemap.

Building blocks

This will be a theme exploration with two to three speakers of five to ten minutes each, core questions and building a platform for the afternoon sessions, Transformation for Health.

Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4
Health and Well-being Innovation People Power and Place Leadership for Transformation
A shift from the disease model to a “whole person” or well-being mode, changes our perspective in profound ways. How does a well-being model change our approach to health and care?   Across the globe we are fostering learning from new, frugal and smart tech approaches. What are we learning? Is there a right balance?
The art of engagement, empowerment networks and partnerships What have we learned that helps catalyze global health creation?
What can the Health Sector contribute?
healthcare models from around the globe and examples of community, health sector, business and government leadership
What is needed to shift our approach to a whole being model of health?
Where might the barriers be?
Has anyone found the answer?
Where are the new innovations that can help “leap frog” into future models?
How to foster and accelerate innovations and scaling up?
How do we create a real movement?
Who should we influence and how? 
How do we best demonstrate leadership?
How do we create an ongoing community for transformative health and sustainability?
Session chair and facilitator: Jamie Harvie (USA)
James Smith (UK)
Session chair and facilitator: Lara Allen
Tennie Videler
Session chair and facilitator: Evelyn Brealey
Sarah Massie
Session chair and facilitator: Sonia Roschnik
Aled Jones
Confirmed speakers:
  • David Pencheon (NHS SDU)
  • Jamie Harvie (Commons Health Network)
  • Brian Fisher (New NHS Alliance)
Confirmed speakers:
  • Halima Khan (NESTA)
  • Karen Livingstone (SBRI)
  • Sussannah Robinson (WHO/Initiative Be He@lthy, Be Mobile)
Confirmed speakers:
  • Arthur Hibble (GP trainee international fellowship project)
  • Graeme Chisholm (THET, Principles of Partnership)
  • Malcolm Lowe-Lauri (Cambridge University Health Partners)
Confirmed, speakers:
  • Nick Watts (Lancet Countdown)
  • Jonty Rowland (KPMG)
  • Cassandra Thiel(New York University School of Medicine)

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