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Unlocking the secrets of happiness: exploring quality of life and wellbeing

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Join us for a journey into the science of happiness and discover the keys to a fulfilling life.

Throughout history, the alluring, elusive and evolving endeavour to achieve the ‘good life’ has engrossed humans. But what do terms such as wellbeing, quality of life, and happiness mean, is it possible to ‘scientifically’ measure them, and where might the responsibilities of state, society, and individuals lie in sustainably progressing the ‘good life’?

This lively, informative, and engaging talk will offer insight into how different societies consider their circumstances, why some places seem ‘happier’ than others, and what scope exists for practical lesson learning and policy transfer.

Though one cannot promise that participants will leave the talk feeling happier, the session will at least allow them to contemplate such diverse topics as Chelmsford’s status as a liveable city, how thoughts and emotions affect mental wellbeing, and whether one agrees more with Arnold Schwarzenegger or Groucho Marx on the money-happiness nexus.

This event will be taking place in Marconi 001 at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford.

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