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Delivering Nano-Medicines into cells – interactive workshop

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A man touching a model of connected atoms

In this immersive workshop you'll discover the scale of the "nano" realm compared to everyday objects, and explore how nano drug carriers measure up against various body components.

Join our Pharmaceutical Research team in this interactive workshop looking at using very tiny (nano) carriers to deliver medicines to infected cells.

Discover the world of nanotechnology (the engineering of tiny machines, to prevention and treat disease in the human body).

In this workshop you’ll get hands on uncovering the size of “nano” compared to real-life size objects and compare the size of nano drug carriers to several body components. You will assess the suitability of these tiny particles as carriers of important medicines and learn how they work.

We’ll explore if they were useful in fighting COVID 19, examine real life examples and discover how it has been used to fight cancer and eye diseases like cataracts.

This workshop will be taking place in the Lord Ashcroft Building at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford.

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