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Business Breakfast: Improving business resilience to climate change

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Navigating climate challenges: enhancing resilience for businesses and critical infrastructure through the MEDiate Project.

This breakfast briefing is designed to introduce business organisations to the challenge posed by the impact of extreme weather events on their business.

It will start by describing the types of extreme weather Essex can expect over the next few years, and will consider how the different types of events could affect the performance of their business.

The briefing will present a risk framing tool that participants can complete during the briefing to identify the direct and indirect risks to their organisation and business continuity planning tool that participants can use to begin to explore options that they could take to reduce and manage the risks.

The briefing will then consider how potential options can be integrated into their organisation’s sustainability strategic planning, including identification of funding sources and further advice available to businesses through Innovate UK Edge’s innovation support and Anglia Ruskin University’s business support offer.

The final part of the breakfast briefing will be an opportunity for one-on-one discussions between participants and the briefing team.

The Business Breakfast is part of the activities of the MEDiate project to disseminate and co-create tools to improve organisational resilience to climate change.

Speaker: Fernando Centeno, Innovate UK EDGE: Fernando has an extensive background in innovation and sustainability. Fernando is a highly experienced entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and mentor with a track record of helping companies bring innovation to market in the cleantech and circular economy sectors. Fernando has advised many companies on strategy, marketing, equity finance, grants, product development and sustainability, improving their innovation expertise.

Who should attend?

The breakfast briefing has been designed for managers and owners of small and medium-sized businesses located in Essex.

What will I take away from the briefing?

  • An understanding of the extreme weather events that might affect businesses located in Essex and a strategic risk assessment for the impacts of one type of extreme weather event on your business.
  • Information on funded Support available to you for innovation and growth.

This session will be taking place in the Lord Ashcroft Building (room MAB404 – Corporate Suite) at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford.

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