Psychopaths and the Impetus to Power

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In this lecture and discussion, you will learn how psychopathic leaders get to the top via their ruthless self-promotion, and what happens when they are there. For those unfamiliar with the concept, psychopathy may be conceptualised as an uncaring attitude towards others, driven by a lack of conscience and underpinned by a lack of emotion. The quest for power, money and prestige are what drive the psychopath and they are ruthless and efficient in their approach to gaining these. Psychopathy is associated with people who commit crimes against humanity, betray their country commit fraud, degrade the environment, and destroy the effective functioning of organisations. If the psychopathic are allowed to continue to lead us in corporate and political organisations, then the likelihood of nuclear war is much higher and meeting grand societal challenges such as equality and global sustainability will be jeopardised. As we stand at a tipping point for the future, humanity must choose between uncaring and caring leadership.

In this talk Clive R Boddy will present key finding from his and other's research into psychopathic leadership, drawing conclusions about the future of humanity if current leadership selection practices are not improved.

Clive R Boddy has published more material on the effects of corporate psychopaths on employees, organisations and society than anyone else in the World and his work is in the top 1% most referred to by other business and ethics researchers globally.

Clive is currently the deputy Head of the School of Management at Anglia Ruskin University. Clive’s publications include: “A Climate of Fear: Stone Cold Psychopaths at Work” (2017) and “Corporate Psychopaths; Organisational Destroyers” (2011). He has presented a TEDx Talk: “Bullying and Corporate Psychopaths at Work”. Clive has appeared in “Power Psychopaths” (in UK Channel 5’s series “Meet the Psychopaths”) and “The Psychopaths Next Door” (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

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