Food, glorious food: How to avoid wasting it

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Domestic kitchen waste on compost heap

Interested in reducing the amount of food you waste at home? Dr Jansson-Boyd, consumer psychologist, will look at why people waste food and also what they can do to reduce the waste.

Food waste is a serious issue as it has wide-reaching implications for aspects such as food security, environmental sustainability and climate change. In the UK, households contribute significantly to food waste, and it has been estimated that 4.9 million tonnes of what is thrown away can actually be eaten. Furthermore, the average annual household waste consists of 40-60% food waste. In addition to outlining what can be done to encourage food waste Dr Jansson-Boyd will also look at what specific factors leads to people wasting food.

Dr Jansson-Boyd, Anglia Ruskin University, is a consumer psychologist with a passion for all things consumption related! She both teach and research topics related to consumer cognition and behaviour. Through the years she has worked with many organisations and companies to generate consumer insight. Moreover, she has written and edited several books and chapters on the topic.

Book via Eventbrite